The Giulio Family | Family Session | Pasco Washington

July 1, 2019

I just love this family! Jordyn and I met about about 5 years ago and became instant friends. There are very few people in my life I instantly feel close to and she is one of them. Although she is much younger than I am, I always felt like she was the older sister. We’ve laughed so hard we cry and can’t understand what the other is saying! She’s seen me cry way too many times…and I think I’ve been there to offer an awkward hug when she cries as well. She’s talked me through some incredibly hard times. I’ve watched her fall in love with the man of her dreams, then marry that man of her dreams and got to photograph the entire thing! I think this women is so amazing and I cherish our friendship so much! Monty and Teena you guys are pretty awesome parents and have made a beautiful family! Thank you for choosing me to photograph all of you! Monty and Bud…you guys did awesome powering through this session, thanks for sticking it out!

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