October 18, 2020

Often times we look at images and think “wow, they had the perfect session! The weather was nice, their kids didn’t throw a fit about wearing what was asked for them to wear, FOR SURE they didn’t have to tell their kids to stop running around and not get dirty, and absolutely they were not sweating profusely and in an argument with their spouse over the crazy importance of this session.” 

Let me tell you something…that hardly ever happens! The opposite of those is all so common, you just don’t hear about that part or see it in the images (thankfully). The happy smiles and giggles are all that matters because they don’t only remind us of that particular session they remind us of our real lives and the daily giggles and smiles we get from our littles…except we get to see them smiling and giggling with us and most of the time looking our best 🙂

Lets take this session below for instance. My brother and his beautiful family came over from Spokane for their family session. The day was BEAUTIFUL! It was blue skys, 75 degrees, no wind. Just as we were about to leave to one of my favorite spots to photograph at guess what happened??? The wind picked up and it was CRAZY! If it were anyone else I would have asked to reschedule but sometimes that just doesn’t work out (make up and hair professionally done and came from out of town). My family is so gracious with me and thankfully trusts me!

Life has been nuts in the Arendell home and I’m still trying to figure out my new rhythm. I haven’t been blogging most of my sessions because there just aren’t enough hours in the day! Today I had a pocket of time and was busting through some work and thought…what a perfect blog post for today!

For all my upcoming sessions, try and remember that although the session itself can seem crazy preparing for it, getting ready for it, and sometimes during it…you won’t remember that part. When a family shows up to a session, I already have an idea of what has been going on the past two hours and if you are anything like me the past 48 hours 🙂 

It’s stressful but so worth it! I will make it fun for you guys and my job is to take your sweet family and create a lasting memory that isn’t just from that day but from that time in your life so when you look back on the images you remember your kiddos at that age…not that particular day. I love what I do and am so blessed to get to create these kind of memories for families!

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