June 4, 2021

AWWW to be 13 again! Emme is nothing like I was when I was 13…..SHE IS AMAZING! I was awkward, crazy hair….every day, not graceful in the slightest and I defiantly would not have been able to stand in-front of a camera and look as good as she did with even 1/10 the amount of confidence. A few years back I got to do a similar shoot for her older sisters 13th birthday! I was just THRILLED to pieces when their mama reached out for me to do a session for Emme’s 13th birthday. I met her mom in highschool and even danced with her. I remember the first time I watched Angie (mom) do a lyrical routine at dance camp and being mesmerized by just how beautiful of a dancer she was. Fast forward to now and what a special experience to photograph BOTH her dancing beauties who have obviously taken after their mom! Thanks Angie for choosing me to photograph your beautiful girls! Everyone…meet EMME!

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