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The days are long but the years are short

As a mom of 3 little ones my husband and I are often amazed at how fast it is all going by. One minute our daughter was was crawling and with the blink of an eye she's a beautiful 8 year old with so much spunk and sass. Adding 2 wild boys to the mixture and boy oh boy most days all I can do is look and wonder how people do it with more! Life can feel chaotic and overwhelming at times. Often I feel like i'm just moving thru the days and then something happens and stops me in my tracks and i'm reminded that every day matters and the small moments in life become the cherished memories I never want to forget! I'm so thankful for the art of photography that not only can remind us of special memories but draw out so much raw emotion that is unique and special to only us . 

let me love you a little more before you aren’t little anymore 

As moms we are usually the ones taking the photos so every once in a while we need to get in front of a camera and capture those memories with us in it! Many of us put off pictures because we don't look the way we want to remember but time is short. There is no time like the present! When I look back on past sessions of my family I am able to look past all my imperfections and feel what the photo is showing we...THAT'S what I love. Beautiful belly bump, new baby, wild children, or adolescent teens...i'm down for it all! Families are my passion because my family is my entire heart!


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frequently asked questions

What's in your bag?

Nikon D750, Nikkor 24-70 f/1.2, Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8, Nikkor 85 f/1.8, Nikon 50 f/1.4, and Shanny Speedlight, a number of memory cards, batteries and accessories.

How soon will I get my images?

2-3 weeks after your beautiful day you can expect the ever so exciting "your images are ready for download" email from me!

How many images will I get?

20-40 images will be delivered depending on the amount of time and session you book me for.

Can family and friends buy prints?

Yes, all images you see will be available for them to purchase as well.

Do you cancel due to bad weather?

I really try to not cancel any sessions because I know the amount of work and planning that goes into something like this. However, I am not unreasonable and want you to love your session so we will work something out. Sometimes just changing the time a bit or location is all that needs to happen.

Do you offer digital images?

YES!!! All sessions come with ALL final edited digital images for you to download, share and print to your hearts content.

What should I wear?

I am here to help! About a month before your session, you will receive my JL Style Guide. This guide will help you get started and think about things that make your session pop! You can also always send me pictures of what you are thinking and I am ALWAYS happy to YAY or respectfully send you in a different direction

We want to do a group shoot with my family and my brothers family as a gift for our parents, can we do that?

You bet you can! I just ask that 2 sessions are booked back to back to give me enough time to photograph each family properly.

Do you Travel?

Yes!!! I serve the surrounding areas of Kennewick, Spokane, and Seattle (I have family in Seattle and Spokane so I love to visit). Anywhere outside of those areas will have an additional travel fee (please email me for specific pricing)

How can I book a session with you?

Well you are in the right spot. My 2019 Booking Calendar has ALL my available dates and times for 2019. Simply choose your date and time and that is that. You will be emailed an invoice and once that invoice is paid your date is secured! I will be in contact with you shortly after to learn about your session and what you are hoping for!

the experience

I want you to ENJOY this time in front of the camera where you are away from all of life's distractions long enough to see the sweet way your babies look at you. I want to capture the "oh my word" looks you and your husband flash each other, and I want to have you walk away from your session happy and with full hearts! This session is ALL ABOUT YOUR FAMILY! I want the process to be fun and easy and that's why all of my sessions come with an easy to use online gallery where you can download and share your images with friends and family. No hidden fees, no required purchase minimums and no secrets. Now go book your next family session!!!

My heart behind family sessions is this: I want your family photography sessions to be fun, stress free and something you and the family look forward to at least every year...if not more!


Visit my 2019 booking calendar and choose your date

step one: reserving your date


Shortly after you've booked and paid for your session you will receive a quick questionnaire that will help me get to know what you are looking for from your session. I like to know any and all you want me to know. I care about all the details!

step TWO: session planning


By far the most daunting task of the entire photoshoot is the dreaded task of selecting wardrobes for you and your entire family. I..AM..HERE..TO..HELP! I will send you a style guide with all kinds of tips to get you started on selecting the right outfit for your shoot! No need to stress, I got you covered, I PROMISE!

step Three: wardrobe help


Your ONLY job on this wonderful day is to not stress and have fun!

step FOUR: session day


You can expect to receive your finished gallery 2-3 weeks after your session. Your beautifully displayed online gallery is where you are able to download, share, and print all of the high-resolution digital files. 

step Five: gallery delivery

the classic

Collection 1

• Up to 30 Minute Session
• All Final Digital Images
(ranges depending on how many people are in the session but typically 20-40)  
• Full printing rights


the extended

Collection 2

• Multiple locations and outfits OR more than one family
• This session is great for families that want to get together and share the cost
• All final digital images
• Full printing rights


the lifestyle

Collection 3

• In-home session
(perfect for welcoming a new baby to the family or documenting life's real moments)
• All final digital images
• Full printing rights
• Custom mobile app

 30 Minute Session - $250
1-2 Hour Session - $500

pricing info

My name is _______________________________________ and I'm so excited to chat with you about a ________________________ session on ____________________________! You can reach me at _________________________________________ or by phone at _____________________________. Here are some other things you should know:

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